Mont Saint Michel

High tides in Mont St Michel Bay!

Every month, live a unforgetable moment with the high tide in Mont St Michel!

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Luggage that can fit into the hold or on luggage racks is accepted. Larger items that do not fit into the hold cannot be transported. Similarly, any luggage containing dangerous materials cannot be accepted either on board the vehicle or in the hold.
For security reasons, bicycles are not allowed on coaches, even in the hold.

For luggage accepted on board, no additional charge will apply.
There is no left luggage service at Rennes station or Dol-de-Bretagne station. For security reasons, we cannot keep your luggage in the coach while you visit Mont St Michel.

Terms and conditions of sale

 Luggage must be placed in the hold reserved for this purpose. In order to ensure passenger safety, luggage may not be transported on board the coach, on seats or in the aisles.

 Hand luggage is transported on board the coach under the passenger’s full responsibility. No luggage may be entrusted to the driver.

The transport company is responsible for luggage placed in the hold. Luggage placed in the hold must carry a label identifying its owner.
The transport company, or its employee the driver, reserves the right to refuse to take luggage that is excessively heavy or oversized, or any luggage that they consider a threat to transport safety.
 In the event of loss, theft or damage to luggage placed in the hold, the amount of compensation payable by the transport company for damage for which it is held liable is limited to EUR 500 per item of luggage (subject to the provision of documentary evidence such as the original receipt for the item of luggage and its contents and the statement of loss or theft as reported to the police).
Where applicable, loss, theft and damage caused to luggage placed in the hold must be reported immediately to the driver. This must be followed up in a letter or extrajudicial document sent by registered post to the transport company no later than 3 working days after the incident. This letter must contain all documentary evidence (original receipt for luggage and its contents and the statement of loss or theft as reported to the police) and the original travel ticket.
At the end of the trip, the customer is bound to ensure that no item of luggage has been left behind in the coach. The transport company does not accept any liability for any damage to or theft of any luggage left behind on the coach.