Mont Saint Michel

High tides in Mont St Michel Bay!

Every month, live a unforgetable moment with the high tide in Mont St Michel!

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Visit Mont St Michel

Mont St. Michel Bay is a must-see for anyone trip to Western France. Classified as a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1979, this is the 3rd most popular tourist attraction in France, drawing almost 3 million visitors a year. The Mont has many assets which explain its popularity.

Regional coaches will drop you next to the Mont St Michel, guaranteeing comfort and quick access to ensure that you get the most from your day.

"The Wonder of the West":

As you travel along the road leading to Mont St Michel, you will see it appear and then disappear, before the “Wonder of the West” in all its beauty is finally unveiled.  Once you arrive, wind your way along the village streets lined with half-timbered houses, catching the odd glimpse of Mont St Michel Bay, before arriving at the abbey itself. A masterpiece of medieval architecture, it is located at the top of the Mont and boasts magnificent views over the entire bay. A listed historical monument since 1874, Mont St Michel remains a major pilgrimage destination for Christians.

Allow an hour to visit the abbey and 3 hours to wander around the Mont


Mont Saint Michel Bay:

Mont St Michel lies in the heart of an outstanding setting. Mont St Michel Bay has the highest tides in Europe, which transform the surrounding landscapes twice a day. However, this fascinating spectacle can be dangerous and visitors are advised not to venture out alone onto the strands.

Despite the high tides, Mont St Michel can be accessed via the causeway at any time of the day and all year round. Even at extremely high tides, the car parks are the only areas subject to flooding. At high tide, the coach stop beside the tourist office is not accessible and coaches stop on the causeway.
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The best way to discover the bay safely is to take one of the many guided tours on offer near the Mont and around the Bay. For further information, contact Mont St Michel tourist office.
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The desilting operation around Mont Saint Michel:

When you arrive, you may come across work taking place around Mont St Michel. In 1995, the State launched a scheme to reclaim the maritime character of the Mont, which was threatened with silting. There are 4 phases to the desilting operation:

- A new dam over the Couesnon river was opened in May 2009 to regulate water flow and gradually remove the silt built up around the Mont and dump it further out to sea.

- The causeway built in the 19th century is to be replaced by a footbridge to allow the sea water to circulate freely.

- The car parks at the foot of Mont St Michel are to be moved to the mainland.

- A shuttle service for visitors is to be opened up between Mont St Michel and the mainland.

The scheme to reclaim the maritime character of Mont St Michel will be completed in 2015.
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